COLLAR(ED) Fine Art Print Collection is a talismanic print series the explores the duality of the collar: a symbol of humility and purity in faith, yet also signifying ownership and control. This tension between perception and reality plays out within ourselves and our relationships, prompting introspection while challenging societal norms.

COLLAR(ED) FINE ART PRINT COLLECTION is a captivating fine art print series that delves into the complexities of power, perception, and the duality within. Each piece explores the symbolism of the collar, a motif rich in faith traditions representing both humility and purity. Yet, a collar also signifies ownership and control, a dynamic that sparks a fascinating tension.

This series invites contemplation on how we perceive ourselves and others. Are we bound by societal expectations, or do we possess an inner strength that defies categorization? The interplay between the submissive collar and its association with purity creates a powerful juxtaposition, urging us to question the reality behind appearances.

COLLAR(ED) FINE ART PRINT COLLECTION serves as a talisman, a visual prompt to explore the internal struggles for dominance and submission that exist within us all. It reflects the tensions that play out in our relationships, both interpersonal and between individuals and groups.

Owning your duality is the path to embodiment.

This thought-provoking series is perfect for those who seek to:

  • Explore the complexities of power and control.
  • Challenge societal norms and prescribed roles.
  • Embrace the multifaceted nature of the self.
  • Spark conversations about perception versus reality.

COLLAR(ED) is more than just art; it’s a catalyst that ultimately holds space for embodiment.


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