BLIND(FOLD) Fine Art Print Collection is a limited edition collection of fine art prints that uses the symbolism of the blindfold to inspire self-discovery. By transcending sight and embracing vulnerability, these talismans serve as a gateway to inner exploration, transformation, and a deeper connection to your intuition.

BLIND(FOLD) FINE ART PRINT COLLECTION is a powerful exploration of the symbolism of the blindfold. More than decoration, this work is an invitation to a deeper journey of self-discovery.

BLIND(FOLD) FINE ART PRINT COLLECTION  serves as a talisman, a visual prompt to explore:

  • LOSS OF SIGHT, LIMITED KNOWLEDGE | This is the most basic meaning. A blindfold prevents someone from seeing, symbolizing a lack of awareness or understanding of a situation. You might say someone is “blindfolded” by their own biases.
  • OBJECTIVITY AND IMPARTIALITY | Lady Justice, the statue representing the legal system, is often depicted wearing a blindfold. This symbolizes that justice should be served fairly and without prejudice, regardless of appearance.
  • VULNERABILITY AND DEPENDENCE | Being blindfolded can make someone feel vulnerable and dependent on others. This could represent a situation where someone is being taken advantage of or is unable to make their own decisions.
  • INITIATION AND TRANSFORMATION | In some cultures, blindfolds are used in rituals or ceremonies. This can symbolize a rite of passage or a transformation from one state of being to another. It can be a shedding of old ways of thinking to see the world anew.
  • INNER VISION AND INTUITION | By removing reliance on sight, a blindfold can heighten other senses and encourage one to look inward. It can represent a focus on intuition and inner knowing over external appearances.
  • DECEPTION AND DENIAL | A blindfold can also represent being deceived or willfully blind to something. Someone might be “blindfolded” by their own pride or refusal to see the truth.

BLIND(FOLD) FINE ART PRINT COLLECTION is more than just art; it’s a catalyst that ultimately holds space for embodiment.


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